I noticed this 'list' on my niece's Facebook page.  It is what Kylie is all about.  She is
a Nurse Practitioner and I can only imagine how grateful her patients are to receive
her care. Kylie's mom, my sister Nancy, has the same attitude of gratitude and instilled it in each of her four beautiful and totally amazing daughters...and me.

Kylie is wearing green, with her 3 sisters and her mom and dad...I TOLD you... beautiful!

Do you remember the poster, 'Life's Little Instructions' by H. Jackson Brown Jr. ? My
sister always had it in sight for  'gentle reminders of those simple things which,
if done  in a spirit of love, can significantly change our lives."

I loved it SO much that I bought and framed the same poster in the early '90's and
moved to from home to home. It now hangs in the patients bathroom of my husbands psychiatric office. I read it occasionally because it just makes me feel good...thank you,
Nancy for always being a bright light in our lives.

My big sister and me...