Directions, they are not everyone’s cup of tea; that’s my philosophy! If you’ve listened over the years you probably know that every so often I get a little lost at times; it’s that whole getting old and becoming senile syndrome. At least that’s what I say, but other people tell me that it’s nothing new and I’ve been a little dazed and confused for years. I get more than just a little flack from everyone here at the station for everything from my parking skills to always being lost.

Each week I’m going to put up a picture from one of my wanderings to see if you can identify where in the heck I am at! Just put your guesses in the facebook comments section below and next week I’ll reveal the location I found myself in along with another clue to where I am lost.

This Week's Clues

Ouch!!! I'm feeling the effects of the drought. I have the need to buy hay, lots of it.  At the risk of sounding like a warrior/hoarder, this sounds like a challenge!! BRING IT!!! I got a single call back from ONE hay seller, the ONLY person to return the many calls I made looking for hay. He was in Wyoming. We made the 'deal' over the phone, set up a pick up time, I hooked up my old hay trailer, I was ready to roll. I must have mentioned this on the radio because all of my angels sprang into action. My husband Dr. Bob said, "WHAT? Wyoming? Just spend the extra money and buy the hay here!" (...did he just offer to pay for my hay??? wheee...) Next, co-worker Brian chimed in with, "You're answering a craigslist ad? Alone? With a lot of cash? Are you nuts?' (like he had to ask, yet he got me thinking...)

That's when Alicia pulled up with her husbands big honkin' hunting trailer, making sure I would be safe getting the hay back to Fort Collins, and BTW, would I get her some hay, too. Sweet! THEN, Amy popped by and offered to ride with me. I told you ANGELS!!!

As we loaded up for our journey, Amy asked if she should bring her gun, a Glock. I said "YES". The drive up 287 was beautiful and an hour later we found the hay guy. I may have been a bit anxious as I jumped out of the truck and announced, "I told Amy to bring her gun" which he replied, "That's cool, I have one as well. I'm a policeman with the City of Laramie" ... AND NOW, I fess up. I did have to stop to ask for directions at a charming little place, do you know where I am?