There are nine of us nationwide to be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame
“Class of 2017”. The Award ceremony is in Nashville on June 21st.   K99's Good
Morning Guys, Brian, Todd, and Susan will be recognized for significant contributions
to the country radio/music industry.

I was just too heavy to wear the DRESS (<--click to see it) I want to.

Before I started my weight loss program on March 21st, I had my 'well women' check up and blood work. Benchmark Medical determined that I could use a 27-pound loss.That would fit me into the white dress in a size 6! I'm down 15 pounds in 3 weeks.


So, it's with a great enthusiasm I embrace this Honor and prep for it like a high school girl getting ready for prom. You may have an event on tap where you need to be your a child's wedding where your ex will show up with a hottie or a class reunion where you'll see your first love again.

I don't remember having the motivation to be thin in about 3 life just happened and happened and happened. I'd have to say my world really slowed down in 2014 when I had two fingers severed off in a horse trailer accident. The most basic things like zipping up a jacket took double the time to do as did everything else. I'm still slow, especially with anything that uses my hands... like typing on a keyboard...oh, and my piano career is pretty much over, too :)

It's a busy time when I haven't looked my best in ... a while.  But the pictures that will be taken on June 21st will be forever in the Hall of Fame.  I've got my work cut out for me and thanks for being on my journey with me.  Susan