There are nine of us nationwide to be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame
“Class of 2017”. The Award ceremony is in Nashville on June 21st. K99's Good
Morning Guys
, Brian, Todd, and Susan will be recognized for significant contributions
to the country radio/music industry.

Jenny Harding for TSM

I love being between these two big beautiful men  - pictured above at one of our annual Habajeeba Shows at UCCC in Greeley and below waiting to introduce Billie Currington at his concert in Mexico. For 16 years I've felt safe, protected and rather petite in this spot.

Is it any wonder that I never paid attention to the pounds coming on?


I've also worn black, a lot...


Losing two pounds THIS week was a miracle. You see, I had a big deal...BUT the putrid gallon of gunk I had to drink in preparation made me so sick. I
guess that's what it's intended to do.

After my procedure, I must have looked awfully pathetic because my husband, the good Dr. Bob, asked if he could get me anything. I was vulnerable and replied, "Yes, please. I want a Whopper with cheese, fries, and Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream.  I enjoyed every delicious bite of my favorite junk foods.

I wish I could say that was the end of the story, but I felt yucky the next day, likely from the junk food, so I made pancakes with plenty of butter, syrup, and whole milk to wash them down. Of course, all THAT grease and sugar left me feeling...blah...SO I made a trip thru Taco Bell's Drive-Thru...OK...ENOUGH ALREADY!

On a plus note, I did discover that my old favorite comfort foods had lost their magic and after eating 'clean' for a month, grease and sugar now make me nauseous. That's NOT to say junk food still doesn't taste good.

I'm taking off weight to wear a fabulous dress. When I started my weight loss program on March 21st with Benchmark Medical we determined that I could use a 27-pound loss. That would fit me into the white dress in a size 6! I'm down 20 pounds in five weeks.

My motivation to look my best is that the pictures that will be taken on June 21st will be forever in the Country Radio Hall of Fame.

Thanks for being on my journey with me.