It all started in February 2017 with the news Brian, Todd and I would be inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame June 21, 2017.

The Hall of Fame Award is not wasted on youth and inexperience. I began my broadcasting career nearly 40 years ago. My Good Morning Guys, Brian and Todd, and I so cherish the honor. Our team is close, we always have each other's backs. Years and years of broadcasting our morning show together really IS the prize every day.

Brian is so remarkably talented and was THE hit of the ceremony. His message of why he's in radio inspired everyone that night. Brian and Todd are a day to day joy for me and all who listen to The Good Morning Guys on K99, Colorado's New Country.

Here are some pictures that will forever be in Country Radio Hall of Fame with my charming and delightful Good Morning Guys.



So this magical whirlwind time of my life, though totally unexpected, has been one of the greatest gifts I've received. Thank you for encouraging me every step of the way.

...and a few more thoughts...

This national honor just lit me up. I was being recognized by my radio peers and I felt the need to be my best again. I'd been in a 3-year-slump. That slump was laced with so much loss: my fingers, two beloved horses and my old dog, Jazzie....but that's over now...and I have a new puppy coming in a couple of weeks.

Crazy but true, I'd not had a well-woman check-up in forever so that was my first mission. I enjoy great health - a product of my parent's good genes - but had a sluggish thyroid.

That came up as I started my weight loss program with Benchmark Medical Group. One tiny thyroid pill a day made such a difference and of course, I had to give up beer to lose 30 pounds. Lesson learned about losing weight...getting together with a group of chubby, hungry women every week did NOTHING to encourage me.  The kids at Benchmark are just amazing!

If you've been following my journey, you may remember my first blog about the dress...if not, see it HERE.