A while back, I decided that my time  is too precious to spend it with people who suck the joy out of it.  That made room for new friends and a new BESTIE!!!  Her name is Kitty and
she is just so great to be around.

For example, yesterday I popped over to her farm to catch up. She'd been out of town and I'd been more than busy. When I got there, Kitty had two horses saddled up, we got on and rode-I mean really rode- for over an hour.

We raced her two young geldings across big fields, we discovered some kind of animal bones, we surveyed improvements on her property after flood clean up, and had much more fun before kicking back with cold refreshing adult beverages.

Susan Moore, TSM
Susan Moore, TSM


Kitty fortifies my attitude of gratitude every time I see her.   I pray that I'm
that good a friend back to her.