Let's face it, being a grown up can get to be a grind...responsibilities can sure
take a lot of fun out of  life.

Finding day to day joy is my life saver. You know, when you can just leave worries
on the back burner and savor an hour or two of your own company.  That's when
my Inner Goddess (I.G.) appears and at 12-years-old, she's a hoot!

I realized I.G. some 20 years ago while getting a massage. I was asked to think of a time in my life when I just couldn't wait to get up in the morning, anticipating a day that I just couldn't wait to live.  My mind immediately went to June, 1968 when my horse Ladybird and I went to the Bottineau County Fair...well, duh.

Lady stayed in the fairgrounds barn and it was all I could do to not sleep with her in her stall.  (OK, my mom said no to that). We won 4-H ribbons and contemplated choosing rodeo queen as a career.  I aspired to ride my horse in formation with a drill team even then. Being chosen as a member of the Greeley Stampede Riders is a little girls dream realized. ( Unfortunately I had to resign from the group because of time constraints)

Susan Moore, TSM and GMGs

I.G. was so happy when I accepted a job with K99 and Brian and Todd. After 20 years in this industry we finally found the perfect fit with other 'juveniles' who love to laugh and play.  Together our morning show family-including our listeners- has blossomed and continues to be a day to day joy.

Winning a Country Music Association award in radio still hasn't really 'sunk in',  I'd been up for it several times and was accustomed to someone else getting the trophy. My mind replayed the old tape, '...it's an honor just to be nominated...blah blah blah...'  but my I.G. is saying 'wheee...'  We pick up our award November 6 in Nashville.

Do you have an Inner Goddess who is longing emerge?