(It's so cool after so many years of being together to be proud of my spouse...he's fun, funny, a good sport, smart, and a bunch of other cool stuff...and today, he's blogging for me...I told you...cool stuff...)

There are some very good people out there--considerate, sweet, generous, gracious, and mellow. (Okay, there are some Bad Guys who, well, aren't any of the above... but that's a different blog).

Here's a story about one of the Good Guys.

We subscribe to a weekly news magazine called The Week. It's a very enjoyable read, in part because it presents several contrasting sides to almost every story. We look forward to its arrival.

But it didn't come last week--at least, not when and how we expected. The remarkable thing is that, a couple of days later, we received our magazine in a manila envelope, along with an unsigned note that said, "This was in our mail. Hope it finds its way to you," followed by a smiley-face.

Wow! How nice was that? Someone went to the trouble and expense--the postage was $1.93, which is more than the cost of the magazine--to mail it to us! They certainly wanted no thanks or compensation, because they put nothing on the note or envelope that would tell us who they are.

Now, if the situation had been reversed, I'm afraid I would have thumbed through the magazine, read a bunch of the stories, and worked the crossword puzzle... before simply shoving it into their mailbox. (I guess I'm one of the In-between Guys.)