After 6 weeks of 'baby watch' followed by 3 weeks of a new foal, Ari and
her filly are with their new family.  Mom, dad, brother, and two little girls-
mostly the girls- are now giving the attention this mare and baby crave
and deserve.

You're probably thinking, 'How is Susan dealing with that?'

Well, this is not my first rescue.  Over the years I've brought home
quite a few horses, one at a time, to get them a new start.  All were/are
Arabians, most registered with the Arabian Horse Association. It's the
breed I love and each 'personality' brought a heart felt story.

Meet Lacy. She was at Centennial Livestock's sale.  When horses are
sold by the pound, they're headed to slaughter.   She was SO sweet,
trained to ride, registered, and stayed with me until Maureen bought her
for her grandkids.  They are pictured below and so happy.

LACY      Susan Moore, TSM


Meet Mystique.  She was seized by the Larimer County Sheriffs Department in a cruelty
case.  She stayed with me to gain weight and get well, then 12-year-old Casey came to our barn and fell in love with her new best friend.

MYSTIQUE,      Susan Moore, TSM


Meet Bey Alheli.  She had been a family pet and ridden in 4-H.  When the family sadly
lost their farm, they brought this mare to the slaughter sale.  I brought her home and
introduced her to Fay and family. As you can see in the picture below, this horse is



Believe me when I say I could go on and on.  I remember each sweet soul who
whispered to me, " I have so much love and joy to give, can you help me?'


"The Old Stallion"