I'm not sure where it goes for the rest of the year, but for the second May in a row, it's shown up in my barn and is  welcome there.  It's the barn snake and no, I have not named it...yet. I choose to believe that this is the snake I found as a baby.  Yesterday, during 'BREAK TIME" I heard it slithering over a plastic bag holding saddle blankets up on a high shelf. Today, the mice are gone and the bird nests up in the rafters are quiet.  Sweet!  I don't expect to see much of the snake now that it's eaten the little pooping varmints that are so not welcome in my barn.

IF I wanted to deter snakes here are a few options:

  • Plant natural snake repellent plants around your barn. Herbs such as thyme, lemongrass, and wild garlic have been known to keep snakes away as well as provide you a great opportunity to use fresh herbs in your cooking. Marigolds are also said to have snake repelling properties. Plant your herb or flower garden around your barn nearest the entrances to have the best chance of success.
  • Create an all-natural snake repellent mixture. You can accomplish this feat using just a few readily available ingredients. Combine 4 cups of ammonia with 1 cup of lemon scented dish detergent and apply using a fresh spray bottle. Spray the entryways and the perimeter of your barn thoroughly, reapplying every two days and after every rain.

  • Adopt a barn cat. They're natural predators of snakes, so having one in your barn will definitely keep the snake population in check.