Susan Moore, TSM Fly Strip

I've tried the stern talking to.  I have even sung, 'Shoo Fly', and still have flies in the barn.
Well, the gauntlet is down, this means WAR!

For 36 cents each, I've invested in  a dozen fly strips.  I've climbed the rafters and
have these disgusting things hanging everywhere. Disgusting, yes, but there is such satisfaction in SEEING hundreds of fly corpses stuck in the 'goo'.

I'm on my second gallon of Pyranha Fly Spray this summer and the hot pink SWAT fly repellant is beyond embarrassing for my Arabian horses. Poor Lily...

While I never really understand HOW it works, I have tried the baggies with water
and pennies, but couldn't tell if they were effective because there were never
any dead flies to count.

While the hot August days continue, what are YOU doing for flies?