Dear Oster Golden A-5 Clipper People:  What is up?  I have a graveyard of Oster clippers and I think your product has really gone down hill.  My first was purchased in the 90's and lasted nearly 10 years. The next one maybe 2 years before I ran out of patience with always having to tighten a screw.  The latest was purchased last month and it has the same problem. I have better things to do than write this letter and jump through hoops to get a clipper that works. I'm taking the pile of broken clippers to the store where I bought them, but certainly you want to know that your product has become inferior. Oh, and don't even get me started on the blades.   They cannot be sharpened to ever cut again.   My question to you is:  How can I get a reliable pair of clippers?

Sincerely, Susan Moore Lawrence