So you may be thinking how hard it is for me to meet adoptable animals every week and not take them home. Well, it was tough to leave Blu at the shelter.  At 16-year-old this big black cat is just charming. You can hear him purring in our video. As sweet as he was to cuddle on my lap, he was also curious to stretch his legs and explore.  He's good company.

I also met a pit bull named Lydia.  At 2-years-old she's ready to play and also knows some of the basic commands.  Someone had loved her and taught her to be polite. She's a beautiful dog and so very loving.

Then there's Remy, the mouse who ran and ran on his little wheel until we tried to get video of it. That's when he went and sat in his food dish.

Thank you Madi - behind the camera - and Larimer Humane Society for letting us
come play. It's something we will be doing often.