I don't claim ownership of these sweet pets, but I have met the group I recommend YOU adopt.

Teddy is a gorgeous cat but being a male he has a tendency to mark his turf. The internet is full of information and offers solutions that range from simply moving the litter box to a new location to a change of diet.

Arnie is a Cocker Spaniel and true to his breed, he's exceeding engaging, especially if you have treats. At 7-years-old he knows the commands like come, sit, and lie down, in fact lying down is likely his favorite.  He's a happy, healthy, tail wagger and just so very cute.

Hazel, the rabbit is really entertaining and I learned that a rabbit with a litter box is similar to having a cat as a pet!  She's clean, pretty, and easy to care for.

The roosters need a home outside of city limits, so we'll be learning more about them. I think we at least need to HEAR them crow to know they can be a reliable alarm clock.

Thank you Madi - behind the camera - and Larimer Humane Society for letting us
come play. It's something we will be doing often.