It's more like 50 shades of gray, and I love my hair again. I have enjoyed the freedom from dying it for nearly 2 years now. The growing out phase certainly hasn't been pretty, but hey, I work in radio!

The CMA Awards show Wednesday night has spurred me to pamper myself with
new clothes (remember, I DO work in radio), shoes and boots, and I spent a small
fortune to have Paul Chet do my hair.

I gave him carte blanche and he gave me the BEST cut I've ever had. He kept the length, did not touch the color, and tamed my wild mane. Most Importantly he made me feel like I was the most special woman in his salon clientele, and we actually sang in harmony. OMGoodness does this man have a beautiful voice. This special salon visit and new friendship are all because I'm going to Nashville!!!

Paul Chet and Susan BEFORE

This CMA honor has been the most attention I've received since I went to the Miss America Pageant in 1974.  (Delta Burke was a contestant as well and didn't win either :) This picture shows my hair in it's natural color as an 17-year-old Miss North Dakota...

Susan Moore, TSM      Miss N.D. 1974

The really cool part about this week is, unlike the Miss America Pageant where I competed while there, I've already won the CMA and have NO pressure to do anything but enjoy. Thank you for being part of my journey!