When a stray comes into Larimer Humane Society they wait for about a week and if no one claims them, they go through evaluations for their health, temperament and more. Then they get put up for adoption.  So we don't know about their past, but they tell us everything...for example...

Duke is easy going and wags his tail all the time, telling us he's a happy dog. He didn't bark and is a lover.  And he's so cute - a dachshund mix - and it appears he's a good eater. He enjoyed a romp outside and was polite on his leash. Here's a gently playful 7-year-old guy who is just good company.

Freddy was really a talker to get my attention, which he sweetly did. He's very handsome with his sleek tiger stripes and his only mission seemed to be to rub human legs, get pets and to purr. He still has claws but you'd never know it by me. He's a people cat.

Abby, a month-old rat, is...adorbs...truly. After just a minute with her, I understand how humans can fall in love with these inquisitive and smart little creatures. She and her littermate sister would like to go home with you together.

Thank you Kelsey - behind the camera - and Larimer Humane Society for letting us
come play. It's something we will be doing often.