I don't know that I've ever enjoyed a volunteer job more than this weekly jaunt to Larimer Humane Society. My goal is to showcase the older, harder to place pets... NOT to adopt them all myself and become a hoarder, which is tempting. My own animals include two dogs and 4 horses and they need my time and attention as much as I need theirs. That said, let's meet Susan's Pets of the Week at the Larimer Humane Society.

Galaxy is 10-years-old and a most charming long haired cat. He's obviously been loved and loves attention. If you have a place for this engaging, handsome 'purrer' he will be your biggest fan.

Ellie is my kind of dog.  One who runs to meet me with much enthusiasm and high hopes for someone to play with. Ellie is a six-year-old Lab-mix and a compact size. She's just a love!

Coco is a rat.  She has been handled and adored for her entire one year life AND comes with her bestie, Lola.

Thank you Madi - behind the camera - and Larimer Humane Society for letting us
come play.

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