As Madi and I continue our training as volunteers at the Larimer Humane Society we see first hand how lucky these adoptable animals are.  They've come in as strays or owner surrenders or transfers from other shelters. While there's not always a lot of information about them, they tell us their stories.

Meet Bear. He's a year old black border collie mix and he's a clean slate. That is, he will need his human to teach him the basic commands and more. He makes friends by being a lover - do YOU like puppy kisses?  Here's your boy.

Miss Sophie Anne is an independent 8-year-old cat with a bobbed tail.  She is beautiful, gentle, and will be great company for anyone fortunate enough to open a home to her.

Thank you Madi - behind the camera - and Larimer Humane Society for letting us come play.

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