Anyone who knows us, knows what a 'wild pair' we are.  Last Friday we flew to Tuscon, rented a convertible, checked into a fabulous casita with French doors open to the pool, hot tub, and of course, the beer fridge. We rocked it!

Susan Moore, TSM

Now, there are a few details I should share. We just barely made our flight out of DIA because 'the trains were down'.  That put everyone an hour behind schedule at the security check.  REALLY, TSA guys, that poor elderly woman can't even get out of her wheelchair!  Could you cut her some slack??? Oh no, wait, THAT may SAVE some time for those of us now desperate to catch our flights...and don't even get me started on my confiscated, pricey skin care products...rrrrr.  Bob and I were the last two people to squish onto the full flight. Our seats were a row apart. This is fun, wild stuff huh?

The Tuscon Airport was a breeze and when we picked up our rental car I just laughed. An exceedingly sexy, candy apple red, Camaro convertible...a two door.  When Bob popped the trunk I said, 'Oh, so that's where they put the cubby hole now.' We wrestled our luggage in and we were off...Bob driving while I read the instruction manual.  We checked in with our wonderful friends,  the Fitzs,  and made our plans.  You see Dr. Bob and Dr. Fitz graduated from Catalina High School in Tuscon in 1962 and this was their 50 year class reunion.  Let's party!

At the 'taco bar-registration-reception' it was fun to see my spouse light up at seeing his lifelong friends and they were overjoyed to see him. I must have married a really 'neato' guy, huh? While eye-rolling was involved, I enjoyed plenty of attention as the these older men harmlessly flirted with 'beautiful smile' mistook me for Sandy, the prettiest girl in the class...awww...BTW she never showed.  Brenda, the girl voted 'Least Changed' was a gorgeous inspiration at 68 years old.  A figure to die for, blond hair down to her waist,  and a most engaging personality.

The weekend was great and we were ready to go home to the poodles and ponies.  Ya know, we never figured out how to get the convertible top down...I told you, we're wild!