I know that this may seem like an odd topic and I don't know why I thought of it, but in thinking about it, I wondered... Do people prefer to be clothed or naked? (at home, in private, no kids or parents living with you)


I was so curious about nakedness that I walked around the office yesterday asking people about their own nakedness. I can tell you that most were receptive and others gave me an odd look, you know the one, with a tilted head. I forged forward and asked everyone in the building, why not, I was curious and made sure that they knew that I was writing about nakedness and I wasn't getting weird on them. Once I cleared that up and promised I would not mention names I got some great answers, but surprising to me at the same time.

    • 47.1% of those asked preferred to be fully clothed at all times
    • 35.5% of those asked opted for partial clothing at all times
    • And only 17.4% of those asked would rather be naked

Now to be fair, I did get quite specific. In that, I mean when they said that they preferred to be completely clothed at all times, I broke it down to things such as:

  • When you are sleeping?
  • Getting up for a snack while watching TV in bed?
  • Would you ever go to a Roman Bath?
  • What about under garments? (no I did not ever once get kicked out of the office, but we are family, remember, I have worked in this building for the better part of the last 17 years-in other words, DON'T try this at your office)
  • ETC....

Everyone that participated seemed to have fun with my project and I want to thank each of them for being true sports in my quest to find out about nakedness.