There are few things more entertaining than watching our local kids participate in extracurricular activities. My kids have grown and that is one of the things I really miss. I cannot wait until my grand sons get old enough to be involved. I forgot how fun it was to go watch a high school basketball game until I went to Holyoke a couple weeks ago and watched my son coach a high school game. I was so proud sitting in those stands watching my boy on the bench coaching. I was just as proud as I was years ago watching him and my daughter play ball in high school.

Brian Gary, TSM

There is nothing like watching kids play just for the joy of it. No contracts, no professional egos, just pride and guts. Seeing the game in Holyoke lit my fire enough that my wife and I are going to go watch Charley's son Mason play on Friday night in Fort Collins. If you are looking for affordable family fun, think about checking out a high school sporting event or play or musical. There is a lot of great talent in our area and these kids deserve community support. Get out there and support our local schools.