All of us at the station were sad to see the Sunset Event Center close down.  Many happy memories were made there, after all (Ultimate 80's Party, Monster Bash, etc. etc.).  But now the space is being re-purposed, and it's poised to help Fort Collins in an entirely new way.

According to The Coloradoan, the space at 242 Linden Street is being transformed into a Galvanize digital technology campus (the fifth in the country), which will bring together local entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

"We welcome the new kids, the hustlers, the risk-takers, the visionaries, the alpha geeks, the pioneers, the innovators, in short, the men and women whose ideas will reverberate well beyond the digital community," the company says on its website,

Fort Collins has long been a hub for innovation and free thinking; and it looks like this new Galvanize campus will foster even more of that.

Do you have a killer idea that could really get off the ground at a place like this?  Let us know in the comments below!