Because we live in Colorado I haven't been a pack up the summer/winter clothes girl since my youth in Minnesota or my young womanhood in North Dakota, so when it comes to going through my summer clothes its a bit more difficult to figure out what's up with my wardrobe.


So rather than worry so much about style, let's take a lot at fit and what you prefer. I read an article recently that made so much sense. Take a weekend day or weekday night and go digging in your closet and drawers.


  • Dive into your closet and pull out all of your shirts, put them on, one at a time and see what fits best, what makes you feel good and comfortable. If you think that it makes you look fat or like olive oil, you probably think that every time you try it on and you should put it in the Goodwill pile.
  • Now, its time for the pants, crops and shorts. Yes! You have to try them on. Figure out what waist style you actually like best, low rise, super-low rise, at waist etc. Also, note if there is a brand that you seem to lean towards, a brand that consistently seems to fit better. Again, if you think their cutting into you or make your belly stick out, you likely feel this way each time you try them on and they need to hit the Goodwill pile.
  • Does the shirt or pants/shorts you've left in the must keep pile have anything that goes with it? I have put a pair of Capri's on and as many as 6 different shirts with those Capri's until I decided it was the Capri's, nothing really went with them. Hmmm.... if nothing goes with them because the shirt has to be longer, less form fitting, more form fitting etc... there are too many rules for these bottoms and they have to go into the Goodwill pile.

Remember, in the end you just want a closet that welcomes you in not one that stands behind you and screams BOO! every time you get dressed.