It was May 5th, 2010. Three students from a California High School were sent home for refusing to remove their U.S. Flag shirts.  Sound too crazy to be true?  Think again.

U.S. Flag Flies Upside Down at Live Oak High School in California. Photo from Facebook.

The photo here in question is what sparked the debacle 3 years ago when Live Oak High School not only flew their flag at the top of the mast, but had the audacity to fly the American Flag upside down.  So, several students (not from Live Oak) wore flag shirts to school and then were sent home when they refused to remove the shirts.

Can you imagine if this had been a high school in Mexico?

The students sued the school district in 2011 and the case was thrown out by the lower courts so now a Federal appeals court is set to consider the case.  The Cinco de Mayo case was heard yesterday but still no word on what the outcome was or is going to be.

School officials argued that students' civil rights can be curtailed to ensure safety and limit disruptions. The lower court agreed and the students appealed.

I just can't imagine these students being sent home for wearing American Flag shirts in the United States of America.