We have officially gone too far with the panic over guns. First off, you can make all the laws you want...criminals don't obey the law and will still find guns. I grew up shooting everything in my room with my finger gun and it was not the gateway to life of gun crime. We cannot stop crazy people, no matter how hard we try. I am all for trying to protect our kids but this has gotten out of hand.

In Baltimore, a 7 year old boy was sent home from school for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. He even said he was trying to make a mountain but it wasn't very good and kind of ending up looking like a gun. My goodness is this insane. I remember trying to make things in art class. I would start out trying to make a clay dog and it would end up an ashtray. I can see how a mountain could end up looking like a gun. Was any child really threatened by a pastry gun. I bet they can't eat Alphabet Soup any more because it could accidentally spell a threatening word. Come on!!!

Todd Harding, TSM