A friend of mine's father passed away earlier this week.  The man wasn't my friend's biological father, but his stepfather. That man raised my friend Brad and his brother, from boys to men. My friend is going to miss him very much-as ANY son would miss their dad.

Were you raised by a stepfather?  Are YOU a stepfather?

Come in and let's talk about it!

The gentleman on the left above is listed as (Stepdad)- Lots of families today are 'blended' families- stepdads and stepmoms, stepbrothers, stepsisters.  When my friend Brad called me last night to let me know his dad Dean has passed away, I could not only hear, but feel my friend's grief.

I grew up in a single-parent home. After my father passed away when me and my brother were young, Mom never remarried.  Brad's father also passed away when Brad was VERY young- Brad and his brother,  like me and my brother, have little recollection of their biological father.

Brad's mom, however, did remarry a couple of years after his dad died.  Dean stepped in and stepped up:  He cared for those boys as they were his own.  I was over at Brad's the other night- "Dad and I were pals: fishing, hunting, camping.. It was practically the two of us that built the house he and Mom live in outside of Greeley..."

Stepfathers and blended families are all over- just this past May 24th, our own Josh Kukus officially adopted his wife's son Christian!

As I was visiting with my friend Brad, he was assembling a list of songs to be played at Dean's service. First and foremost for Brad, and I couldn't agree more, was Brad Paisley's poignant hit from 2009:

That is a GREAT song.

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