Put down the pastry and cappuccino, Starbucks has been testing the sell of alcohol in select stores and has concluded its a good fit and will expand the alcohol to more stores across the U.S.

Starbucks to expand alcohol sales TSM

Starbucks first started testing alcohol sales at a Seattle store in 2010, by 2012 expanded the testing to 25 additional stores including Chicago, Atlanta and Southern California.

Alcohol isn't the only addition to the menu, they will also offer a small food menu including but not limited to truffle mac and cheese, bacon wrapped dates and chocolate fondue. The company reported that since adding the alcohol and light food fare there's a meaningful increase in sales. The alcohol sales would not start until 4 p.m. and it isn't clear where the new menu's and alcohol will be offered.

Starbucks is also working on expanding its rewards program and mobile applications as its dedicated to a long-term goal of nearly doubling the companies market value.

How do you feel about the possibility of a Starbucks near you serving alcohol?