Wait, before everyone in the office runs for the nearest wall, let's think about this. Could you imagine walking into the bank in Fort Collins and seeing everyone standing on their heads?

Okay so maybe you need to be smarter than a cat when you attempt this, everyone knows handstand(s) should not be attempted on stairs!

It may sound a bit crazy or like I have made this up, but it's true. Actually any activity that increases blood flow to the brain will make you smarter. A few studies around the world have been done and test groups, be they mice or humans have shown improvement after exercise. Not all exercise is created equal when it comes to pumping up your smarts, but if you're smart you'll hit the treadmill running.

A group of researchers set out to see if they could prove that increased blood flow to the brain made you smarter. And if so, what kind of activity worked best. They took a handful of 20 something's and divided them in groups. The groups either rested for 30 minutes, lifted weights or moved their stuff in a cardio way. So what happened? The group that got busy on the treadmill had a greater sense of memory, they were quicker and right more often than those who lifted weights or rested.

Here's my idea-parents unite! My Ashley is scheduled to take the ACT test in April, see where I'm going with this? Let's all get together and get our kids on treadmills the morning of the test. Do you think Rocky Mountain or any of the other high schools will let our kiddos take the test while on the treadmill? Wonder if any research group has researched that idea?