Saturday May 4th many of us will gather in Masonville for lunch and a beautiful motorcycle ride. This isn't just any motorcycle ride and our destination has been hand picked just for The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run.

The Sleigh Riders Board of Directors and our sponsors would like to thank the following for donating their time on Saturday May 4th to help plant 2000 seedlings in Rist Canyon.  If you want to add your name to this list you can find out how to do so at the bottom of this story.

  • Jill Almirall +1
  • Ken and Cara Barnet
  • Alan Billings
  • Jerry and Christina Clark
  • Abby Clabough
  • Steve and Kerri Dake
  • Donna Darling
  • Ian Dvorak
  • Josh and Chastity Finley
  • Sean Goldsberry +1
  • Kevin Gallegos
  • Bob and Chantel Hosier
  • Mike Keenan-Harte (Will)
  • Robert Harmon
  • Alan Holford
  • Jeff and Aimiee Jensen
  • Rick and Carolyn Maynard
  • Mike and Diane Neuerburg
  • Billy and Patty Roberts
  • Robyn Schappaugh +1
  • Ron Schmid

So there you go.  We have 2000 trees and need more volunteers.  We will provide an early lunch in Masonville at Nostalgic West Leather.  After lunch it's a group ride from Masonville to Rist Canyon and our planting area where the CSU Forestry Service will be waiting for us.

If you want to volunteer, the deadline is March 31st.  Please email all interested names in your party with contact cell phone numbers if you too want to help plant trees on behalf of Santa Cops and The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run.