It's true...I have a bucket list and on that list are many roads that I would like to ride. I have "driven" on and passed through some of these and every time, from as far back as 20+ year ago, I have always said, "Some day, I'm coming back here on my bike." Here are my Top 5 U.S. Rides and I will also share my ultimate fantasy rides on a Top 5 World Rides list early 2012.

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    Lakes to Locks Passage - New York

    Midway between Manhattan and Montreal, the Lakes to Locks Passage lets you experience the interconnected waterway that shaped the destiny of North America through 236 miles of quaint small cities and villages, rural landscapes and the diverse Adirondack hamlets with all the history that comes along with it. Let's Ride!

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    Route 100 - Vermont

    Route 100 goes right through the center of Vermont encompassing nearly the entire length of Vermont at 217 miles long. The road winds through the famous and classic old villages such as Stowe, Warren, Weston, and Wilmington and you can also make a pit stop at the Ben and Jerry's factory. Towering church steeples, rickety old general stores, old covered bridges, and leafy country lanes make this a Top 5 ride for sure! And this ride wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center. Let's Ride!

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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    The Blue Ridge Parkway aimlessly wanders 469 miles between Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park rolling through the gorgeous countryside of Virginia and North Carolina. This is a road I have never even been close to but have heard way to many stories from those who have ridden this stretch of road as being one of the best; especially during the Fall and not only because of the beauty but because it surrounds some of the oldest settlements of both pre-historic and early European settlements. Let's Ride!

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    Pacific Coast Highway

    Might as well do the entire 2500 miles starting from Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego all the way to the top of the Olympic Peninsula. Some of the highlights being Mission Beach, Encinitas, Torrey Pines State Park, Marina Del Ray, Malibou, Big Sur and a stop at the famous Bixby Creek Bridge before riding over the Golden Gate Bridge and some time at Redwoods National Park before riding through the Pacific Northwest on the last leg ending with a hotel, hot shower and nice meal in Seattle. Let's Ride!

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    The Alaska Highway (The Alcan)

    This is a road I have done several times but always in a car or vehicle of some kind and every time I have told myself, "Someday." I almost did this ride last year as part of another Iron Butt ride which was 10,000 miles in 10 days (1000 a day) but my ride to Topeka Kansas in June of last summer changed those and all my plans forever. This is honestly the most pristine rides you could do. There is no other road remotely close to this anywhere in the country and you may as well just be riding through a 1500 mile open zoo. Let's Ride!