I wrote up a story last week about the Greeley Police Department and their incredible effort to raise money for Special Olympics.  They outdid themselves once again.

The goal for the G.P.O.A. (Greeley Police Officers Association) was to raise $5000.  By the time they took their plunge in Boulder last Saturday, they had raised over $10,000 earning them the honors of Top Team.


Want to get involved and help Special Olympics?  There is still time and two more events. The next Polar Plunge will be in Denver on February 22nd and/or the Aurora event on March 8th. Both of those events are a 'Splash and Dash' where you run a 5K and then take a polar plunge.  Just click on one of those previous links (or follow the big red one below) and get started building your team or find one to join.

...$250 will train one athlete for the entire season...

The 2014 National Games will be held in Princeton, New Jersey this year and those athletes who are a a part of Team Colorado, qualified at the 2013 State events. The next World Games will be in the Summer of 2015 in Los Angeles, California.