Instead of talking about how crazy traffic will be, is or was at CSU... think about all the power you hold in your black marker.

I have heard so much controversy over the presidents visit to Fort Collins... will he stop at our business-why should he, traffic is nuts... blah blah... the real issue at hand is you, well, your vote-not the traffic.

Statistics show that in the last presidential election 63.6% of all registered voters voted-YAY! That was an increase of about 5 million since the last presidential election, another YAY! And I'm happy to see that men and women vote fairly equally, meaning nearly as many men vote as women. In 2008, 62% of all registered men voted and 66% of all women voted. The largest age group that voted at nearly 73% were between the ages of 65 and 74; while only 49% of voters aged 18-24 voted. (I know, nobody told me there would be math today either) :)

I have also heard many co-workers and friends talk about their vote and how it doesn't matter or how they will pick the lesser of the two evils or won't vote or afraid that they will throw away their vote. See the greatest thing about voting is hello, we can and we should. The candidates will always battle against each and will always have qualities you like and dislike, sometimes equally, but a vote is a vote and it matters-do we really need to be reminded of the last Bush vote in Colorado? Bush won Colorado by a 4.7% margin... oh gosh, I am going to attempt some math... phew... So if the entire voting population of say a town like Greeley, Colorado would have went to Kerry. Now, my math is not an exact science, but this is meant to give us an idea of what a difference one vote can actually make based on averages throughout the years of voting in a presidential election.

Let's make it even simpler... if I am making 5 steaks and 5 ears of corn and 6 people show up, someone ain't getting fed! :P It's like your vote... if you keep it in your pocket, you could have been the real one that made the change, get ready to engage your power.