I have always heard that it is more blessed to give than to receive!  I believe sometimes that is not true!Now let me explain myself.  We just wrapped up the "One Extra Gift Toy Drive" on Saturday, where we received hundreds and hundreds of Toys for Santa Cops.  On a cold windy day generous K99 listener after generous listener stopped by to donate a toy or a whole armload of toys.  With each toy my heart felt warmer! With each story of how it is a little tougher this year, but they still felt compelled to give, the lump in my throat got bigger.   I had more than a dozen people apologize for not being able to give more.  Can you imagine that? Apologizing for giving? Then the cutest little giver you have ever seen  stepped up with her family.  She had insisted that they stop by to drop off a toy so all the kids will get a Christmas this year!  Her dad told us before they left the house,  she wanted to pray for all the kids who wouldn't be get a toy this Christmas.  As I received the gift from her little hands, the lump in my throat grew larger, my eyes started to well up with tears, and I couldn't help but think, "Sometimes it is more blessed to receive!"