How many times in your life have you thought “if they only gave me a chance”? All most of us are looking for in life is a chance. A chance to make a difference or show that you have what it takes to get it done. I believe in giving people a chance to see what they can do.

I am one who believes that the greatest running back in the history of football may have never touched a ball. I believe the greatest guitar player of all time may be spraying out a stock trailer. I believe the most brilliant mind in medicine may never get to go to school. What if the greatest are never given a chance? What if they are never encouraged or given the opportunity?

We need chances, we need opportunities. We have to ability to give people a shot. If you own a business, you have a chance to hire someone and give them a shot. Let that kid with an interest in cars work in your garage. You may have a future NASCAR crew chief on your hands. Teach your right fielder to pitch. They may be the next Cy Young.

We all need a chance to prove ourselves and we all have opportunities to give someone a chance. Do it. We may find the next “best”.