Snuggles, a miniature horse who underwent eye surgery at Colorado State University in October 2008, will be at the university’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a checkup today. Snuggles, who is 7, lost her left eye when she was a month old to an infection. Her right eye has glaucoma. Snuggles lives in Texas with Minis and Friends South Plains. She is part of a group of miniature horses that travels across the state of Texas visiting rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, Alzheimer's units, special-needs children centers and hospitals to bring cheer to patients through equine therapeutic healing. Although it’s unlikely that Snuggles will ever have the ability to see well, her work to help others has not been hindered by her sight.

Snuggles was chosen by the CSU President's office to be the spotlighted CSUVTH patient. She will attend the 1870 Banquet tomorrow night with Buttercup and Ringo. CSU sent a videographer to Lubbock a couple of weeks ago to video Snuggles at work. The video will be shown at the banquet.