I grew up in a petless environment. My brother was allergic to animal hair and my mom just didn't like animals so we never had anything more than a fish. I married my wife Kyla 26 years ago and she was an animal freak so I knew I was in for a change.

I got my first puppy a few years into our marriage. He was a beautiful Husky, Australian Sheppard mix named Sinatra. He was the most adorable puppy who turned into the best friend a man could have. Sinatra was always there to high five me with his paw and rest his pretty head on my thigh while I petted his head. He was such a great listener and knew just what you needed. I miss my friend. He gave me unconditional love and brought me joy every day of my life, even if he had dumped the trash can in the living room or stole a steak from the garage freezer. I loved that dog.

Every year when we get our first snow my memories of Sinatra fall down like flakes from the sky. Sinatra just loved the snow. Even when he was old and he could barely walk or get up, he would find renewed energy and would frolic around in the snow like a new puppy. I cannot see the snow in my yard without picturing my buddy all covered in white and smiling. I still and always will love you Sinatra. I know you are up there playing in the snow waiting for me to come throw you the ball. I will be with you one day again buddy. Save my place. Hug your dog today.