It may have only fallen on areas above 11,000 feet, but it still was enough to send skiers, snowboarders and resorts in the Twitterverse and other areas of the social media world into a frenzy of Instagramming, Twitpiccing and hashtagging the heck out of everything. Snow fell across many mountain ranges in Colorado and beyond last night, the first signs of a winter full of playing in the snow.


@breckenridgemtn commented

"Orange and white are our new favorite colors".

@ozskier said

"If this doesn't put a little lead in your pencil, nothing will." along with his picture of snow in the Highland Bowl at Aspen.

The amounts can only be classified as a 'dusting' but for many of the Colorado and the nation's skiers and snowboarders, that is enough for them to start breaking out and tuning up their gear.