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Snarf’s Sub Shop shop on College Avenue and Laurel Street in Fort Collins is now closed. According to the Coloradoan, there is a sign on their front door that directs customers to other locations, but has no explanation for the closure.

I'm pretty sure I'm running out of fingers to count the eateries that have closed down in Northern Colorado so far this year.
The Fort Collins location is no longer listed on the Snarf's website, but I have yet to find any info about the closing on their site or their Facebook page.

I never ate at Snarf's, so I can't say I'll miss it, but I do feel bad for the people that worked there. Losing a job is tough, especially when the place that signs your paycheck just shuts it's doors. (And I'm sure there more than a few Snarf's-lovers that will not be happy about having to drive all the way to Longmont to get their Snarf's fix.

That location hasn't had the best luck for businesses, before Snarf's came along, a Starbucks couldn't even keep their doors open there.

What business would you like to see move in to 700 South College Avenue?