Who doesn't love a good parade! And when it comes to parades the Greeley Stampede Parade is one of the premier parades in the entire country and according to the Greeley Tribune this morning the Longhorns and the Sleigh Riders were the two biggest hits with the crowd.

If I were to say how humbled and honored I was yesterday it wouldn't be enough.  We all knew as we rode down the parade route that we were getting more claps, cheers and pictures taken than I have ever said in my 15 years of doing the Stampede parade.

Of course all the kids had no idea Santa and Mrs. Clause would be there 'while on vacation' so when they saw them coming down the line it was mayhem. You could hear the kids screaming 'We love you Santa' and the cheers for the bikes was just overwhelming.  I don't think any of us had any idea what kind of an impact we made until a friend pointed out today's article in the Greeley Tribune.

One of my favorite quotes I saw on Facebook that summed us up:

You guys sounded great!

I also wanted to take the time today to thank each rider who showed up yesterday as a way of saying thanks:

  • Charley Barnes/Lesli Wulf
  • Kenny Oldson/Nancy
  • Jay Tamlin/Beth
  • Danny Mishoe
  • Digger Manning
  • Becky Manning
  • Roger Schmidt
  • Jon Sill/Dusty Fischer
  • Arnie Hernandez
  • Jerry Clark/Christina
  • Larry Hartshorn
  • Sheryl Yackey
  • Jeff Zeigler
  • Jeff Young
  • Don Evig
  • Daniel Meyer
  • Michael Keenan-Harte/Will Keenan-Harte
  • Daniel Flock
  • Ryan Bourassa
  • Steve Bourassa/Sheila
  • Pamela Coonrad
  • Ron Bland
  • Richard Wolfe
  • Margaret Wolfe
  • Gordon Jones
  • Robert Ferguson

Thank you ALL for your support and we'll see you next year on the 4th of July and we'll see if we can double this list!  If you haven't liked us on FB yet we would be honored if you would take a minute to do so...just click here.