It will be almost 11 months since we had to re-route the original ride plan for the 2012 Sleigh Riders 'Summer Series' event due to the High Park Fire consuming half the route. So we wanted to give back and on Saturday May 4th, 2013, we will do just that.

We all remember well, some of us still too well, the devastating aftermath of the High Park Fire after it claimed more than 85,000 acres, 250+ homes and sadly even a life.  As irony would have it, the fire that started on June 9th, was 100% contained on June 30th, the exact same day as the Sleigh Riders 'Summer Series' event last year.

Charley Barnes, TSM

Many of us, including Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson who raised $1700 themselves for this cause, believed we should try and help give back to not only the mountainside community but act as good stewards of the land and help Mother Nature give back what it is we as motorcycle owners desire; a beautiful mountainside to ride through. If you own a motorcycle, chances are more likely than not that you ride Rist Canyon and Stove Prairie more than once a year.

Now we have a chance to give back, as a one time special event for us, and literally reap what we sew by replanting 2000 trees of which we hope 1000 survive for decades to come.

So there you go.  If you have ever attended a Sleigh Riders event in years past or would like to then you're invited. But this event requires an accurate head count for not only us but the CSU Forestry Service as well who will be providing the equipment.  This is a motorcycle event but you are still welcome to attend in any vehicle.

We will be staging in Masonville at Nostalgic West Leather between 8-10 AM with a group ride to the plant side leaving right at 10 AM.  (Those who want to ride from Thunder Mountain be there by 9 AM) We plan on having beverages and donuts at the staging area and if we can find the funds, we'll also plan on providing a very basic lunch so please check our official FB Event Page for updates, possibly daily.

You will need to bring gloves and make sure to bring some snacks and liquids just in case.  Don't forget the rain gear and just plan for any kind of weather accordingly. The day should be done by 3 or 4 at the latest and we'll probably end with a nice group ride down Rist Canyon and everyone can go their own way from there.

  • If you want to help and have not told us, please click the red FB Event Page link and click join.
  • If you plan on bringing guests, please leave a comment on the official FB Event Page on how many you are bringing.
  • If you have already joined the event on our official FB Event Page and plan on bringing guests, please leave a comment on the FB Event Page.