I have been throwing an idea around for about 5 years and chances are highly likely it will be implemented next summer but I wanted to see what all of YOU thought first.

The idea is a poker run...plain and simple.  The catch is that this poker run will take you all weekend and instead of picking 5 stops here in NoCo it will be 5 stops across the state.  Entry fee's would probably be $100 {tax deductible to you of course} and the grand prize we are working on would be a trip to Alaska.

There are several scenarios for a route but it might look something like this:

  • Loveland
  • Granby
  • Idaho Springs
  • Central City or Estes Park or Loveland


  • Loveland
  • Walden
  • Steamboat Springs
  • Leadville
  • Central City or Estes or Loveland

The ride would be 300-400 miles in length and the entire reason for doing this would be to actually get out and ride our bikes in the country we want to ride them in.  We all take weekend trips anyway so this would be a good excuse for you to plan a ride like this.  To my knowledge it has never been done so let's start something new and make it big.

All riders would be responsible for their own lodging be it a hotel room or camp site.  Me personally?  I will be packing a tent and sitting around a campfire!  Each stop would have card dealers' there from 8-5 and everyone would meet back at the 5th stop by a certain time for poker sheets to count.  Lots of details to work out but this is the jest of it.

You would be donating money to a very worthy 501c3, helping kids along the way and possibly visiting Alaska.  The Alaska trip is NOT set in stone but I do have lot's of contacts and it's highly possible.  Regardless, the grand prize would be a trip somewhere...maybe even Hawaii?

So what are your thoughts?  Don't hold back.  Please answer the poll and leave any comments you might have on the subject.