The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run will be having an informal meeting of sorts to go over the parade ride on the 23rd. We will be assisting the GPOA on covering traffic control and helping to block intersections as hundreds of motorcycles pass by.  If you can help and would like to, please try and attend this meeting.

The meeting will take place here in Windsor, Tuesday the 18th at 600 Main St.  Please enter through the employee door on the West side of the building closest to Main St. The meeting will actually take place in the K99 conference room.  We'll get started about 6 PM and food will be provided; should be done by 7 PM.

We are also looking for several who would like to shoot some still photographs and video.  We have several locations in mind so if you are a photog and would like to snap some pictures or video of one of the coolest motorcycle events around then this meeting would be beneficial to you as well.

Again, the meeting will be this Tuesday, the 18th, here in Windsor at 6PM.  600 Main St at the K99 Studio's.  If you have any questions or would like to help please contact our Road Captain, Roger Schmidt, at