The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Run needs YOU, the Sleigh Rider, to help decide two very important issues. If you have never cast a web poll vote before please make this your first.  It's imperative that you read the quick story and why we need your vote/s.  It will only take a minute and this is about you.  

The Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run (501c3) has been around now since 2006 and when I set out to do this it was always my intention of holding this toy run on the last Sunday before Christmas.  I did this for several reasons.

This year is a bit different because it's so close to Christmas.  I have said as early as 3 years ago that I thought it would make it one of the most festive and successful runs to date but with that being said, I am not stubborn enough to not change the date if YOU ALL think it should be changed.  I will be there on any date and I personally think it should stay the last Sunday before Christmas but I am only one vote.   Be honest and cast the vote that resonates your feelings and not mine.

Secondly, we raised around $3000 dollars this past June in hopes of buying a bunch of trees to help replant an area in the High Park Fire area.  After talking in great lengths with the U.S. Forest Service this is still a possibility but they still have no idea, and won't till after January, on how it will all take place since they have had many many requests to do the same thing.  We are on record as being one of the first, if not the first group, to ask for permission to help replant.  With all this being said, do YOU want to hopefully plant trees or should we divide it up into two (2) $1500 scholarships for one student in both Weld and Larimer County. This money would go to kids who have been through the Santa Cops program and recommended by prospective High Schools with good grades and promising futures.

There you have it. No one will know what you voted for so please vote and be honest. It's critical you cast your votes and make sure other Sleigh Riders you know see these polls and vote as well.  I will leave the post up through next Friday, the 19th, and we will then tally the votes and make our decision/s.

If you have a question please leave it in the comment section and I will check back frequently to see how things are going.