For those of you who are proud Sleigh Riders you are invited to ride in the "Lights the Nights" parade in Greeley this Saturday night.  We'll even feed you. So come on down and don't forget your sleigh bells and lights.

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Staging will take place in the same parking lot that we were in last year.

The Sleigh Riders entry is #19 and we will stage in the parking lot on the NE corner of 9th Ave and 15th St. This was the parking lot for the old District 6 admin building. (Parking lot is at the bottom left of the picture above.)  Don't forget you MUST have lights on your bike and/or yourself but you must have some sort of lights.

Staging begins at 4 PM and you must be there no later than 5 PM; parade starts promptly at 5:30 PM.  We are being asked to come in off of 8th Ave and go West on 15th. Our staging area will be on the right at the end of that first block.  There will be horses right around there so please be courteous and keep the pipes down upon entry.

We have also secured pizza for 50 hungry Sleigh Riders from Santeramo's. So come early and have some dinner and get your bikes ready.  Don't forget to bring some Sleigh Bells so they can hear us coming.  You can attach them to your bike, yourself or whatever.

For more details please click the big red link below to take you to the FB event page.

See ya Saturday...