This may or may not be what you're thinking, but it IS fun

Do not under estimate the joy of changing your day to day routine and stepping outside of your box.

I guess many people call them 'Staycations', my James and I have just always called them necessary.

We had the chance this last Saturday to stay in old town Fort Collins. We stayed a local B & B and can't say enough good thing's. Initially when James arranged for this 'Staycation', I was a little scared-see I have stayed at a B & B once before and it was not the best experience. When we stayed at one before it was creepy to say the least... here you are in a beautiful refinished period home with fantastic detail to the staircase and wood floors and molding... and you are surrounded by gambling tables. I get that it was likely a great way to supplement their income in between over night guests and they were hospitable, but sorry, it was still a bit creepy. So, needless to say I was a bit scared.

From the very first moment, I knew that this stay was going to be completely different. As we stepped inside we were greeted by 'Jeff'. He was pleasant and immediately made us feel at home. He showed us the layout of the house and told us of the many amenities available for us to enjoy. There were complimentary homemade cookies and candy coated peanuts in one room and  a nice selection of  tea's and hot chocolate along with a variety of late night snacks. Once we got to our room he showed us how to work the fireplace and told us about breakfast-Yum!  Once alone we looked around on our own at the room and the property, then I settled in for a hot bath in the claw foot tub while James got our in room snack of wine and cheese ready. (Don't worry, I am not going to get all 50 Shades of Gray on you) :) He did feed me a cracker with cheese and brought me a glass of wine, but I'll leave that for my memoirs. LOL

The rest of the evening involved a nice dinner in old town followed by picking up an incredible dessert and going back to the B & B where we sat on the porch and enjoyed our dessert with a cappuccino. We just sat there and watched the town roll by, literally, so many cyclists quietly buzzed by. It was one for the records and it was right here in our own little town. You would have never guessed that we lived within 10 miles, there lies the beauty of a 'Staycation'.

In the morning, we chose the late breakfast time slot, we awakened to the smell of bacon and church bells. It was the most perfect experience in a long time. At breakfast we got to visit with a wonderful couple, also on a 'Staycation', they had gone to the ballet the night before and were grateful to have a night away together without their 4 and 6 year old. We also visited with the accredited chef that made us delightful "Volcano" eggs.

At the end of the day,what I hope for you is that you just get away. If you don't have the time or the money to take a vacation in a far away land, don't forget about your own backyard. (and this time I don't mean your own backyard-literally-but that is a good idea too) Our weekend was very affordable and we had the best time being together away from our normal routine and our day to day ruts. It is very refreshing to step aside once in awhile and create some cool memories, just the two of you.