We all remember this day, May 22. It was on this date 6 years ago that the town of Windsor was hit by a huge tornado. I remember being at a Greeley Stampede luncheon and hearing of the wicked weather approaching. We rushed to town to see that it had been ripped apart. I walked the streets talking to people who were just in shock. To see our town torn up tore me up. It was so sad to see huge trees toppled over and all the homes that were busted to pieces. I know the effects of that day still linger with many every time it clouds up.

We all have bad memories of that day but we also have memories of the feeling of togetherness it gave us. Windsor banded together and forged forward. This is such a great community and we are now stronger than ever. We were so lucky that we only lost one life that day. That was still one too many.

Today we are expecting more severe weather, which is not really how you want to commemorate this day. Today is a day to give thanks that we are still here on this earth and remember the tremendous loss some are still trying to overcome. We are Windsor and we are proud.