My name is Brian Gary and I have been a proud resident of the city of Greeley for about 30 years and there is no place I would rather live. We came here from North Dakota in the late 1980's and immediately felt at home and fell in love with the city. There are many reasons I love my Greeley but here are just a few reasons for my civic pride.

The people of Greeley - I love the small town feel I grew up with in North Dakota and Greeley has always given me that small town love and pride that I felt growing up in my little town. It may have a lot of people but Greeley still feels warm and very community oriented to me. I love that feeling. I love the people of my Greeley.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

The beautiful parks - Greeley is loaded with so many gorgeous parks to enjoy. The parks and rec department do an amazing job of keeping them looking awesome. There are parks everywhere you look and you can always find a great spot for a picnic.


The fun and livelihood of downtown Greeley - downtown Greeley is alive and hoping like never before. The folks in charge of the downtown Greeley area have done a killer job of creating a great vibe for partying and shopping. You will have a blast taking in all downtown Greeley has to offer.

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The mouth watering food - Greeley has some dining spots that are unique to Greeley that will have your taste buds dancing with joy. JB's Drive-In is an absolute time machine treasure. You will swear you are back in the 50's enjoying an unforgettable cheeseburger and shake while sitting in your car. Have an Alberto's burrito and try not to make a 'nummy noise', it is impossible. Stop by Fonta's or Roma for a pizza once and you will be back time and time again. There are many more places your palate will love as well.

Roma Pizza

Union Colony Civic Center - This venue is just gorgeous and has the best sound you will find at any venue. They always have great entertainment all year our annual Habajeeba Show. We are proud to call the UCCC home.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

Greeley Stampede - You can't think of Greeley without thinking of the Greeley Stampede. This event is beyond description. The rodeos, concerts, food and fun are recognized all over the world and bring us all together for a couple of weeks every summer.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

Thank you for being such a great home to me and my family for the last 3 decades. I plan on sticking around for many years to come.