The big question, is he the one? Single ladies unite, here's how you know he's the marrying kind.

Single Ladies Unite Comstock


  • Thinks about what you have to offer and swims in all of the attention you give him
  • Is quick to be jealous and engage you in petty long arguments
  • The guy you think that you always have to look good for
  • He's a puzzle that you have to constantly have to try and understand
  • You have fun with him


  • Is concerned with what he has to offer you and loves you despite everything he knows about you
  • He trusts you and gives you the benefit of the doubt, even offers patience when you might not deserve it
  • He sees your beauty with or without make-up and tells you you're beautiful, including the times when you know there's no way :)
  • You are comfortable and at peace with your inner darkness and share them with him knowing he'll never use them against you
  • Not only do you have fun with him, you laugh AND cry. You fight with love, not hate no matter how tired or angry you are with each other.


Bottom line, if he loves you without envy and selfishness and offers you a patient, enduring, humble, faithful and selfless love, he is the marrying guy for you.