They say silence is golden and I agree. I do not get enough silence. My ears are assaulted all day with music and then having dogs and a grandchild at home doesn't lend itself to much quiet time. I drive in silence in each day so I have some alone time with just my thoughts and prayers. Silence is wonderful therapy.

Words, on the other hand, can cut like a knife and leave wounds that don't heal. Physical wounds will scab over and go away but words can never be taken back and once they cut they leave an open gash. I am always very careful about what I say. I sit back and think a second before I speak and consider if what I am going to say will help me reach the outcome I am looking for. Consider how what you say will be taken and if maybe you should rephrase it or just keep silent. Working in the public, like I do, can be a blessing and a curse. We get to hear some wonderful comments from people but we also get the very hurtful calls as well. I am one of those guys who can have a hundred people tell me they love me and then have one person say they can't stand me and that one sticks with me. Why did they feel the need to tell me that? Was it just to hurt me? Words are devastating, use them wisely. They can help build a great memory or tear down a person in no time at all. Use your words for good today. They have a lot of power.