It is no secret I hate flying. I think the whole airline industry has forgotten about customer service. It used to be something special to go on a plane. People used to even dress up to fly but now every flight feels like an over packed bus on a road trip to hell. You are packed tighter than a jar of pickles in a tube with no air. There is not much that is pleasant about that.

One to the worst things airlines have done is taken away what little space we had to begin with. Many airlines have taken away at least an inch of space. When you only have about 7 to 8 inches of personal space to start with that is a big deal. We are starting to see more and more cases of "air rage" as well. People are losing it on planes and going nuts. Is it any wonder? You cannot pack people that close together after paying that much money and expect them to be happy.

A huge problem that is causing fights on flights is people reclining their seats back and invading what little space the person behind you has. Who is their right mind thinks that it is okay to drop your head back into the lap of the person behind you? You cannot even get the tray on your seat down if you are at least 7 pounds overweight and the person in front of you drops back. I usually keep my hand on the seat in front of me and not let it recline. This makes the person in front of me mad but its nothing compared to how mad they will be if I start hammer fisting their head for reclining in my space. I feel when you have that tight of a space the seats should be made so they do not recline. What do think? Should you be able to recline your seat on a flight? Let me know.